Woodrush Tarweed Flower-- Limited Edition

Tiny White Flower.jpg
Tiny White Flower.jpg

Woodrush Tarweed Flower-- Limited Edition

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Woodrush Tarweed Flower --Hemizonia congesta ssp. luzulifolia -- was photographed in the Almaden Quicksilver Park, San Jose California on November 27, 2012 at 1:01 PM, using a Canon 5D Mark II camera, with a Canon EF 180 mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens at ISO 1250, 1/800 sec at f18.  Shot was hand-held. Click on image to the left to see full screen lightbox image of what will appear on your Giclée print. Click that Image to return to this page. This is a limited Edition of 500 prints, all sizes combined, with each print individually signed and numbered by Bob Benson.   

Three standard sizes of prints are offered: 

     1. 20” x 16” white matted image ready for framing -- $250 

     2. 24” x 20” white matted image ready for framing -- $325 

     3. 36” x 22.5” print on canvas ready to hang or frame -- $750

Use box below to select one of the standard sizes or email me at Bob@Bug-Bird.com with a custom size and/or treatment. I will price your request and give you a quote or request additional clarifying information by return email.

Fine Art Photograph Giclée Print of a Woodrush Tarweed flower:
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